April 23, 2012

An overview of The World Tour Concert Live Dream Theater 2012.

It took nearly 25 years for the progressive metal band Dream Theater to stop by to Jakarta since releasing their first album. Their performance for approximately two hours at the Eagle Eye Indoor Stadium (MEIS), Carnival Beach, Ancol, Saturday (04/21/2012) evening quench the thirst of the fans as fanatical.

Since the afternoon, thousands of fans who dominated the age established already crowded Carnival Beach Ancol area. Most of them dressed in black complete with a compact style attribute his idol's band.

The atmosphere was a little heated up ahead of a concert started as a concert arena entrance gates never opened, while thousands of spectators accumulating. Finally, at around 21.00 pm James LaBrie and the colleagues appear on the stage holding the respective instrument.

Before they performed as the opening of the show filled with guitar recital by the most talented fingerstyle of Andy-McKee, currently signed to the American record label Razor & Tie.

Once completed, the lapse of some time in preparation for their show begins, as the opening song is “Bridges in the Sky” live playing. Eagle Eye Indoor Stadium with a capacity of 10 thousand spectators was torn rumble. Supported by a magnificent stage lighting and sound are up, Dream Theater opened with a perfect concert. John Peter Petrucci directly exhibiting agility of his fingers on guitar strings. The audience began to jump and cheer.

After bringing '6: 00 ', the vocalist James LaBrie was greeted and chatted a bit about the delight he finally set foot in Indonesia, to complaints about the traffic congestion of Jakarta.

"Finally we're here. It may take some time to meet you, so tonight we have to have fun," said James, who looked relaxed in a black T-shirt clad in jeans.

"Build Me Up, Break Me Down" and then played, immediately greeted by "Surrounded" and 'The Root of All Evil". James also introduced their new drummer Mike Mangini who replaced Mike Portnoy. 

Mangini is not a new drummer wrestling a dozen years in the music world. Since 1987 ago, he was a drummer accompanist various bands and musicians such as Steve Vai, Extreme, Tribe of Judah, and much more.
Many fans are wondering, like what the heck drumming Mangini appointed to fill the position left by the caliber of drummer Mike Portnoy?. 

All seemed answered when the 49-year-old drummer's solo showcase game. Mangini drum set sits in a frame resembling a bird cage full of cymbals. 

Mangini can beat his drum with a very fast tempo, accompanied by the accumulation pedal plays that are not less cool. To measure the drummer who was nearly half a century, Mangini is extraordinary stamina.

Not only Mangini and John Peter Petrucci which each skill performance on stage. John Myung's the bassist not want to miss. 

Not to mention a touch of Charles Jordan Rudes on the keyboard is thick with progressive flow. In addition to the keyboard, Jordan also uses the iPad to produce musical instruments. 

The concert continued with the song "A Fortune in Lies",''Out Cry", "'The Silent Man", and the song "Beneath The Surface 'is taken from their latest album "A Dramatic Turn of Events". Almost all of the audience sing along in the song of the most eagerly awaited, "The Spirit Carries On".

Dream Theater brought about 16 songs total, are as follows:
  1. Bridges in the Sky
  2. 6:00
  3. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
  4. Surrounded
  5. The Root of All Evil
  6. Drum Solo
  7. A Fortune in Lies
  8. Outcry
  9. The Silent Man
  10. Beneath the Surface
  11. On the Backs of Angels
  12. War Inside My Head
  13. The Test that Stumped Them All
  14. The Spirit Carries On
  15. (w/ Petrucci and Rudess Intro)
  16. Breaking All Illusions
  17. Pull Me Under

Truly is a great gift to the audience this spectacular show although tired but happy and satisfied faces were seen in most of the audience.

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