April 27, 2012

"Celebrating 44 Years of YES in One Wonderous Night".

After the Dream Theater Live rocked Jakarta to hold a concert on the beach carnival, Ancol, last Saturday, 21 April, they were a great success and very satisfying for lovers of progressive rock music, especially in Indonesia.

Three days later, on Tuesday, April 24th yesterday, Jakarta was rocked again by the legendary British Live Concert Group, Yes, in the Ballroom of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, with personnel Yes for now, are: Steve Howe (guitarist), Chris Squire (bassist) , Geoffrey Downes (keyboardist) and the last; Jon Davidson of new members and the youngest, most of them is over 60 years, while Jon Davison age reached 42 years old next month (May 9, 1970), as a vocalist.

Before Jon Davison joined, Yes already have a lead singer, Benoit David, but in december last year, he abruptly resigned, because his health is quite alarming, whereas at that time the band  already have a timetable for the month of April-May 2012 will hold a concert of the world Spring Tour , to the country New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Indonesia and Hawaii, as well as major cities among these countries.

The band was forced to recruit  for the new singer, by doing a test audition was elected to the nomination fell to a talented young vocalist, Jon "Juano" Davison is an  American singer who was lead vocalist of American progressive/symphonic rock band Glass Hammer

At first I personally pessimistic than the results of their decisions, (Steve, Chris, Alan), because they are the leaders and founders of Yes, especially Chris Squire, he was one of the eldest who have contributed to the Yes of the initial set up in 1968 to the present,  The founder were, He and the vocal Maestro Jon Anderson, Peter Banks (keyboard), Tony Kaye (guitar) and Bill Bruford (drummer), Steve Howe, joined Yes,  was replacing guitarist Tony Kaye, at the mid-1971, and position Peter Banks was replaced by  Rick Wakeman as the keyboardist, this  formation line-up was the culmination of their glorious career of the band, the best of their albums, "Fragile" (1971), "Close to the Edge" (1972), Yes Songs (live, 1973), the album is half the drum section has been filled by Alan White, "Tales from Topographic of The Ocean", Alan White replaced Bill Bruford and joined for the album "relayer" (1974), Patrick Moraz  replaces Rick position for a while, he worked on solo career in his album projects: "The Six Wives of Henry VIII "(1974)," Journey to the Center of the Earth "(1974)" The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table "(1975)," Liztomania "(1975). And in 1980 Geoffrey Downes replace Rick Wakeman and participate in released  the album "Drama" (1980). This group continues to have ups and downs with the flurry of respective personnel in released their solo albums, but this band still exist and formidable.

Perhaps  just  an information for the name of its founder figure who always become a trade mark, namely Jon Anderson, had already proved on the album Yes, Drama (1980), which Jon was absent didn't participate in this album, vocals filled by Trevor Horn, and almost of the true fans are not too appreciative, sounded mediocre, but then on the  Album 90125 (1985), Jon rejoined Yes, try to give new color to the arrangements of the music goes to pop, quite successfully, follow the trend of the time, where Genesis  succeed with The Abacab

Yes dismiss Anderson in 2008 and he maintains They did it Because he was too ill to tour, and David Benoit took his place. Later the band also treat Benoit David with the same thing with Jon Anderson first time, and Jon was offered to return as the singer, but he refused, because he too had had a schedule for a gig solo career collaborating with Rick Wakeman. Therefore forced to recruit Jon Davison. Apart from the arrogance or the saturation of the band with Jon Anderson relationship, This statement footage directly in the interview he was.

Return to their show with the theme "Celebrating 44 Years of YES in wonderous One Night ", Ritz Carlton Ballroom, Jakarta.

First kick from early songs sung with Their hit "Yours is No Disgrace", the band, the which performed with Jon Davison from Glass Hammer on vocals, he was perfect in the song is. My pessimism disappear instantly,  by estimate  the audience that night about 1,000 people, many give applause for Jon Davison and other Yes personnel.

With the arrangement of light and a magnificent stage show support this band be wonderful for watched, after that, "Tempus" follow by the song "I've Seen All Good People", "Live on a movie set," "And You and I", many of the audience, especially among lovers This music, including myself, participated enthusiastically sing along.

Steve Howe solo session with the guitar is stunning in the song "Solitaire" and "The Clap", Chris Squire,  tapped the bass still fierce as ever, he's the best  bassist progressive rock  world player. Allan White and Geoffrey Downes no less great. "It's amazing That They still have that precision and power after all this time.

From their latest album Fly from Here (2011), produced by Trevor Horn, the 6 songs were sung by Jon Davison reliable sing the songs with vocals that sound almost similar to Jon Anderson's voice, as well as the theme song from the show, " wonderous Stories "," Into The Storm "," Heart of the Sunrise ". The audience more enthusiastic again when the song "Owner of a Lonely Heart", the audience singing along, some dancing, followed by "Starship trooper". Recently closed by the song "Roundabout" as an encore.

It was a realy great live show,  the audience very happy though tired. Yes it is really  astound that night, That Legendary progressive rock band from England, was able to prove that they are still to be reckoned through the action of a duration of 2.5 hour spectacular. Yes is still great, Flawless, Fabulous and Fantastic! 

List Of Songs at the Event of "Celebrating 44 Years of YES in One Wonderous Night", Ritz Carlton Ballroom, Jakarta.

1.   Yours Is No Disgrace
2.   Tempus Fugit
3.   I've Seen All Good People
4.   Life on a Film Set
5.   And You and I 

6.   Acoustic: Steve Howe 
7.   The Clap (Steve Howe song)
8.   Fly From Here - Overture
9.   Fly From Here - Pt I - We Can Fly
10. Fly From Here - Pt II - Sad Night at the Airfield
11. Fly From Here - Pt III - Madman at the Screens
12. Fly From Here - Pt IV - Bumpy Ride
13. Fly From Here - Pt V - We Can Fly (Reprise)
14. Wonderous Stories
15. Into the Storm
16. Heart of the Sunrise
17. Owner of a Lonely Heart
18. Starship Trooper
19. Encore:

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